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Preventive Treatments

Scaling and Polishing

Our teeth become stained over time due to various food and also bacterial action. Other than stains, calculus (plaque) also develops due to food debris in the mouth. The build-up of calculus can cause gum swelling and infection. Scaling is done to remove calculus while polishing is to clean stains on a tooth. This procedure helps to keep the gum-tooth interface clean and healthy thus reducing the possibility of gum disease, swelling and bleeding

Scaling and polishing

Fissure Sealant

This is a procedure to seal off minor grooves and fissures on the tooth. These grooves and fissures are potential food traps that cause tooth decay. Sealing them makes the tooth surface smoother and reduces the tendency for food to be trapped within the crevasses. A fissure sealant is very popular especially for children as it helps them maintain a considerably healthier oral hygiene and also prevents premature decay.

Fissure Sealant

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Topical Fluoride Application

This is to apply fluoride on the tooth surface topically to enhance its resistance to bacterial acids and other fluids that aids in tooth decay. Most toothpaste has added fluoride, and drinking water in many countries has also added fluoride for teeth protection. As such, this is a procedure that may be considered in cases of several weak teeth surfaces.

Topical Fluoride App
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