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Our Clinic

Cosmetic Dental Surgery, for people seeking treatments for oral problems. One of the most frequently asked questions from us include the exact price of a certain treatment. We cannot say an exact price because it depends on the unique physiological makeup of individuals. So we recommend meeting our highly qualified doctors to examine you and inform you about the procedures you need to undergo to get the result you want. For the convenience of all our patients, the first consultation is free of charge. Furthermore unlike most clinics, our clinic has a first come first serve system in place in addition to appointments. So every patient has a chance to consult and receive treatments from our doctors. For long-term treatments, the doctors take into consideration the condition and circumstances of the patients to determine the dates of the treatment to give the best possible experience to our patients. We promise you that after we are done with you, you will be able to smile confidentially towards the world with amazing oral health!

Our Goals in serving you are.

>  All teeth should be free of caries.
>  Should not have any missing teeth in your mouth.
>  Teeth should be physically strong with correct chemical compositions.
>  All teeth should correctly be aligned with their acceptable shape and colour.
>Periodontal diseases should be treated and should have good periapical tissues (tissues around the tooth) which support better anchorage of the tooth.
>  Exclude precancerous lesions & risk factors.

We always thrive to achieve these goals while serving you in all your visits to our surgery.

We assure that you will be given a complete treatment to your utmost satisfaction. You may contact our dental surgeons including our senior dental surgeon Dr Mayura Gamalath directly via our website.

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