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To help you better understand the procedures involved in the placement and the prosthetic correction involved with Dental Implants; here are the steps explained in different phases.

Phase I: Treatment Planning Phase

1. Initial patient consultation at each office.
2. Initial phone conversation/consultation between the dentist and the patient.
3. Pre-surgical meeting with the dentists.
4. Construction of the surgical transitional dental appliance.



Phase II: Surgical Phase
Done with our residence Implantologist, Dr.Mayura Gamalath.


The following procedures will be performed:

1. Local anesthesia or IV sedation anesthesia.

2. Surgical osteoplasty (bone trim) for implant positioning and/or bone grafting.
3. Surgical placement of Dental Implants.
4. Gingivoplasty (recontouring of gums) to achieve primary wound closure.
5. Placement of transitional appliance.
6. Approximately 1-3 postoperative visits before initial surgery.



Post Surgical Phase III:
This phase is after 2 to 3 months of the abutment-implant placement, except for immediate implant and loading.


The following procedures will be performed:


1. Surgical placement of gingival healing cuffs.
2. Gingivoplasty (recontouring of gums).
3. Adapt existing prosthesis.
4. Impressions for reconstructive phase.


Phase IV: Reconstructive Phase
1-4 weeks after the Post Surgical Phase III


The following procedures will be performed:


1. Evaluation of implant placement and measuring of tissue cuffs height.
2. Abutment placement and final impression of implants and transfer posts.
3. Metal try-in of the framework, bite registration and shade selection
4. Placement of the final prosthesis.

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