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Composite Restoration

In the past, dentists could only treat cavities and tooth ailments with silver and mercury fillings. Modern restorative dentistry has replaced these unsightly fillings with tooth-coloured composite fillings made of porcelain or resin. These fillings are sealed to the surface of the tooth, creating a strong bond that prevents future decay.

I am Dan Bradshaw. Dr Mayura Gamalath is awesome! I had just put a huge chip in my front tooth. This was very upsetting as I had not planned on using a dentist in Sri Lanka until I return home in 9 months!! Next day found the clinic online & walked in with no appointment. He used all the same procedures I remember from USA. Not only is the clinic clean, professional, I later learned he is American Board certified & still working on his masters in dentistry flying to New Zealand periodically. I am now going back for cleaning. Use these guys!

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